Tuesday, April 15, 2008

'Twas a Good Day...

...filled with new shoes (polka dots!), and a bike ride on a beautiful spring day, and a trip to the Dollar Store.

Picked up my Simple kicks at my friend Beth's shop, North Soles. I won a gift certificate good for a c-note's worth o' shoes at the inaugural Goddess Games disc golf tourney in '06, and I finally cashed it in for the new ecoSneaks 'Satire-Polka' sneakers. Not only are they covered in polka dots, but they're chock full of eco-friendly materials (organic cotton, PET laces, recycled tire soles, etc.). LOVE! I'll try to post a pic of me wearin' 'em tomorrow.

Made it to the bank to deposit funds (I hate the idea of putting cash in the ATM), so now I can send my check to Otto for the used Fricke carder he's got for me. Can you say BOMBatts away? ;)

Finished up my spring cruise with a stop at Dollar Tree. A couple of skeins of $1 fun fur and some office supplies to take to Black Sheep later, and I'm headed home to spin more LoopyDoopy coils. Working on a 3rd skein of the Minis in 'Route 66' colorway from yesterday. Woohoo!

A very good day.

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