Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hey Spinners: BOMBits are Here!

Last week I added a new product to the COLORBOMB lineup: BOMBits.

Want to spin your own art yarn? Don't have the time or inclination to put together the ingredients? Here's the solution! BOMBits™ Art Yarn Ingredients.

Enough goodies here to fill a recycled tennis ball tube, including at least 1 oz./30 g. of wool or mohair FIBER; plus at least 3 different coordinating millspun YARNS; plus an assortment of RIBBONS, FABRICS, SEQUINS, BUTTONS, BEADS, FEATHERS, LACE, SPARKLE, VINTAGE TRIM, OR OTHER EMBELLISHMENTS. Ready to spin!

About half have already sold, but red, orange, pink, blue, and purple (shown) are still available.

Also wanted to share a picture of the rockin' swap package I got from Mandie at Ewe Give Me the Knits. She responded to my mentioning I'd be willing to swap one of my skeins of Yarn Pirate sock club yarn, and this is what I got. Get over to her shop and get shopping, she's one of my new favorite vendors. Now I've got to get her package in the mail... :)

Lastly, if you're local (to Humboldt), come to Purl 'n Hurl tonight at Mazzotti's on the Plaza - I'm having a 25% off trunk sale of all COLORBOMB Creations yarns in stock - raising funds to pay for the new drum carder on the way. If you aren't lucky enough to live here, don't fret; I'll be extending the sale to the website soon, in hopes of raising enough money to cover travel expenses to attend Black Sheep Gathering. Check back soon!


  1. Wow you got that Yarn mag. I couldn't find anymore here in the US. nice haul. Hope you got your classes for BSG.

  2. she's in australia, so has no probs getting it. one of my online friends/customers is a contributor, so i like to read it.

    i won't be taking classes; i'll be a vendor. but thanks!

  3. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Your swap package makes my eyes burn! So sparkly...candy...


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