Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Fun

Spinning like a madwoman this week to prepare for for Black Sheep Gathering (expect to hear a lot about this in the coming months). Today I finished a 4th skein of LoopyDoopy (2 regular, 2 Minis) in a colorway I'm calling 'Mucho Mango'. First photo is them soaking to set the twist, second one is of them drying after a run through my trusty salad spinner to remove excess water (I'm not a big believer in yarn 'whacking'; unless I'm intentionally trying to full the fibers, I avoid it, believing that it can damage delicate yarn styles like supercoils - just my opinion.)

Had an impromptu and informal COLORBOMB trunk show Wednesday at Purl 'n Hurl and, despite low attendance (ha! 3 plus me), it was a success! Two of the three other people bought yarn, and the one that didn't is a spinner, so I didn't expect her to. I raised $78 towards my new old Fricke drumcarder, so only $101 to go, and then I'll be the mad BOMBatter! (Forgot to take pics - doh! - sorry.)

Tonight is Midnight Madness at Handmade Memories, and I'm planning to bring my almost-complete Big O bag to work on. I may not have completed it in time for the contest (congrats to the winner, who reportedly made a dynamite diaper bag), but I *will* finish it and it will be fantastic! Finished the gusset last night; all that's left is attaching the front to the back, closing the holes around the handles, fulling it, and needle-felting the design on the front. So close!


  1. That sounds great! Today is a perfect day to be drying stuff, Weather underground said it was 63. I think I might die.

  2. Oh my God a salad spinner! You are brilliant! I agree on the whacking. I don't do it either but I'm a beginner nobody spinner so on my stuff I don't do it. Perhaps we can meet up at BSG. I am getting very excited!

  3. thanks, kd. we'll definitely have to hook up at BSG. there's a thread on it in the BSG group on Ravelry. check it out!


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