Thursday, March 06, 2008

Who ARE You People?

Seriously, I don't know how you blogging freaks DO it! I go to your blogs, and I read your posts, and you're all like "Today I baked bread from scratch after I finished up the chemo hat I knit for charity and photographed the new yarn I spun last night and then I was on Ravelry helping a newbie figure out how to save link in posts, and by then the kids were asleep so I had the house to myself so I decided that I'd finish up that pesky UFO and start on Christmas gifts even though it's only March, and ..." Sheesh! How the frick do y'all manage to accomplish that much! Man, I feel like such a loser.

Not really. I actually totally rock. But sometimes, when I feel surrounded by superwomen (is that redundant?), sometimes I just want to say, "HEY, be a little less awesome today, will ya? I can't keep up!".

Can you tell I'm kicking myself 'cuz I haven't been so diligent in the blogging department? Not that I haven't had plenty to say, mind you (anyone that knows me IRL can tell you that I'm rarely at a loss for words, and lots of 'em). On the contrary, there's been all kinds of blog-worthy stuff going on 'round these parts.

Didn't have my camera with me at the time, but I saw a great blue heron fishing for her lunch in the marsh by the gym on the way to the post office the other day. Usually it's just full of red-winged blackbirds in the cattails and toads in the muck, all trying to get a piece of tail (it IS spring, after all). But that day I got to see the heron stalking it's prey, right there, downtown (if you can call it that), with the cars driving not 3 yards away. Lovely sight.

And I've been getting all kinds of love lately, courtesy of some outstandingly generous Ravelers and the USPS. There's a group on Ravelry called Random Acts of Kindness, where you can post a wishlist for things you would like, and/or peruse the lists posted by others to gift to. Gumbie of Strings and Things sent me a copy of The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook, lillysmum of Confessions from Tara sent me a big bag full of lovely silk fabric scraps, and jsandell sent me a ball of purple variegated mohair (ooh, that reminds me, must photograph mohair for stash). Thanks to all you lovely RAKers out there! And I've got a couple of packages to put together for peeps who are asking for things I can help out with...

So, we just experienced a leap year, did you feel it? Wouldn't it be weird if you were born on leap day? I wonder if those people celebrate the day before or the day after... I had a good Feb. 29 myself, selling several skeins of COLORBOMB Creations handspun that day. Sold both skeins of Lucky Charms that day, as well as Cousteau and Spring Thaw. Big day.

Missed Fiber Friday (or maybe it was a couple of Fiber Fridays). New COLORBOMB yarns are:

Madras Madness, Aegean Paean, Healthy Holly, In Vino Veritas, and 4 new Feltanschung™ (fulled) yarns: Stonewashed, Sunshine State, Wine Mold, and Mums the Word. Here are thumbnails of each; click on one and it will take you to more info, and all links are to Etsy:

COLORBOMB 'Madras Madness' closuepCOLORBOMB 'Aegean Paean' closeupCOLORBOMB 'Healthy Holly' closeupCOLORBOMB 'In Vino, Veritas' closeup

COLORBOMB 'Stonewashed' closeupCOLORBOMB 'Sunshine State' closeupCOLORBOMB 'Wine Mold' closeupCOLORBOMB 'Mums the Word' closeup

Healthy Holly is special: I donated it to the fundraiser called "Circlin' the Wagons" for my friend HollyEQQ, who is having health problems and needs travel/lodging funds to have surgery this month. There is a benefit going on at Homestead Wool & Gift Farm to raise money for her, with handspun yarn, fiber art, and roving available for sale, with all proceeds going to Holly for her medical expenses. Healthy Holly is being sold auction-style through tomorrow, so you still have time to bid on it in support of a good cause.


  1. I know, right? Sometimes I get tired just reading what other people do.

    But not today! Today I'm making cupcakes. I just finished making the frosting (vanilla butternut) and I'll be baking in a few minutes. Today my goal is to not burn them. :)

    Nice yarns, lady! You're so productive, spin-wise. I'm lagging lately.

  2. mmm, cupcakes! i want to come to your house. ;)

    productive, huh? well, i figure i'd better be, now that spinning is my day job. thanks!

    see you 'round ravelry, cheers, v

  3. Oh lady you sure aren't reading my blog then. Here's a sample day. Wake up get dressed and groomed walk dog, leave for work, run back home in a panic because I forgot my wallet/heels/purse/trasit pass/ID card (take your pick.) Act like a corporate drone all day go home pass out. I feel like such a slug and reading about other peoples crafty persuits makes me feel like I should sell all my belongings and open a beet/alpaca farm in Washington state. Keep spinning girl you're amazing to me.

  4. Anonymous9:06 AM

    I know!! It's crazy all those over achievers. Lies. All lies. Thanks for the link to the RAK group. What a positive idea!

  5. STICKY, hahahaha, you and me girl, you and me both! that "pass out" part especially. poop-ered! thanks for the comment/compliment, and i'll keep my eyes peeled for your new beet farm endeavor. ;)

    TD- yes, liars, all of 'em! freaks. ;) yer welcome on the RAK group, it's awesome. thanks for de-lurking! :)

  6. I don't know how they do it all and knit too.

    Oh yeah, you are tagged

  7. Anonymous9:47 AM

    That opening paragraph is priceless! :D I TOTALLY get that heh ... :)


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