Monday, January 14, 2008

UFOs No More!

I killed 2 UFOs this weekend. Saturday was the 5th Annual Par Infinity Ice Bowl disc golf tournament, the one that Cole runs for charity every year. He asked me if I would donate a couple of hats for the raffle like I usually do, but I didn't have any for him. Then I remembered that there were 2 of 'em languishing in my UFO basket. So I dug 'em out and, lo and behold, they were each only about 10-20 minutes from finished! Easy-peasy. Anyway, that's what I did with my Saturday morning: I killed 2 UFOs! And Cole got his raffle prizes.

The blue one is my Go To Beanie, simple roll-brim stockinette cap. The orange one is a variation on that; I experimented with a seed stitch border on that one. Might make it a little smaller if I make another one like that, but a nice change.

Here's the deets for those into that kinda thing (& thanks to Kerry for pointing out that I hadn't mentioned what kind of yarn these are made from).

Pattern: Hat (Med weight yarn) from Dharma Trading Co.
Yarn: Noro Kureyon, unknown colorways
Needles: #8US Addi Turbos
Started: some time in 2006?
Completed: January 12, 2008

This UFO was sitting for *at least* a year, but probably more like 2, almost done but not quite. Took me like 20 minutes this morning to finish it. 2008 is the year of cleaning out the UFO baskets! (This one is a prize donation to the 2008 Par Infinity Ice Bowl Disc Golf Tournament.)

The Ice Bowl was a success too, for those asking. They raised almost $1000 again this year; the 2008 charity was the Northcoast Environmental Center. The weather was decent this year, not too much rain. Had a nice award ceremony at HumBrews after, too. Here's a pic of the players.

Tomorrow: back to our regularly scheduled spinning program! '


  1. Anonymous10:20 PM

    They are pretty. Hope you weren't too cold sounds like fun!

  2. Great hats! Are they your own handspun?

  3. thanks monkey.

    kerry! i am such a dork. how could i not have mentioned what my materials were?!? doh! but no, they're noro kureyon. thanks, i'll add that info!


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