Saturday, January 12, 2008

I've Been Nominated for a Bobby!

You may remember my WIP, the 'Band of Mystery Hat'. Well, I finished it yesterday, and just under the deadline wire, too. I like how it turned out, but even more fun is that someone on Ravelry nominated my project for a 2007 'Bobby Award'! If you're a Raveler, and you haven't checked out that group yet, head over to The Bobbys 2007, and check out the Most Unusual Project thread to see some *really* cool projects. Voting doesn't start 'til Jan. 14, but I've already chosen MY favorite project.

Once again, sorry to readers who aren't yet signed up for Ravelry, but you here are the details about the hat.

Pattern: improvised freeform crochet hat
Yarn: various handspun art yarns by Insubordiknit
Needles & Hooks: multiple sizes, G to M
Started: December 14, 2007
Completed: January 11, 2008

Top of the Band of Mystery HatIf you don't remember my previous post, let me fill in the details. Jacey, the genius behind (you know, the woman who makes the Vitreous Humor eyeball yarn!), put out a "call to knitters" for a project she's working on. The deal was, she'd provide the yarn, I'd provide the labor, and the project was to create a garment out of her art yarn to be worn by a member of an as-yet undisclosed band in their upcoming video. At the conclusion of Jacey's project, she'll send the items back to their creators to keep. So I get to play with some very cool yarn, get some name exposure (I hope), and end up with a faboo hat out of it! Win-win. This hat is what came out of that.

Like the arms that emerge like they're struggling to get out? Me too. ;)


  1. I have to tell you. I love that hat! I saw it on Flickr last night and showed my husband and he gasped. Perfect! I love love love it. I will sure vote for you. Congrats.

  2. aw, thanks sweetie! i love that my stuff makes people gasp. ;)

  3. Hands sticking out!!!! Yay! It's like Medusa with baby hands. Or babies falling from the sky and splatting on your head (OK, that's gross even for me).

  4. Anonymous8:09 AM

    it's like babies in a blender...

  5. PAM! how did you know? that's *exactly* the image i was going for, the medusa thing. thanks!

    and anonymous, i think i'm going to change the name of the hat to 'babies in a blender' now, thanks!

  6. yes very similiar to my popular Sweeney Todd and Zombie Feast Yarns I did last year

  7. S&S~ I didn't see those yarns, too bad I missed 'em. This is unadorned handspun from Insubordiknit, with arms and legs knitted in seperately. I'll email you w/ more! cheers, v

  8. oopps sorry! I know that sounded short and I didn't meant too!!!

    in my brain, I was saying 'people love the body parts', but my latenight typing didn't come out right.

    so lemme try again-
    Yes, people like the bodyparts! I sold a few of the sweeney todds, and the zombie is still there but people love it. I hope you win!


  9. oh goody! it's aaaaallll good. :) thanks for the props, lady, i lurve your stuff too! xo, v


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