Thursday, January 03, 2008

Oh, No, It's Mr. Bill! Pill

Hey, you, whaddya think of my new hat? Remember the claymation character on SNL, Mr. Bill? Probably not, you're too young. But trust me, he was hilarious. And he looked exactly like this little guy on my hat. I wonder if Jacey intended that?

This is the 'Mr. Bill Pill' hat that I started last month, using my first handspun yarn and the monster from the Insubordiknit Monster Hat kit that I didn't use in my 'Shark Hat'. He didn't fit there, but he sure looks good here.

Pattern: improvised pillbox hat
Yarn: COLORBOMB Creations TooFly TwoPly Handspun, 'Pink/Red' colorway (my 1st ever handspun), approx. 120yds.
Needles: #15US Pony Pearl DPNs
Started: December 12, 2007
Completed: January 2, 2008

Learned a new cast-on for this project: the Pinhole Cast-on from Montse Stanley's The Handknitter's Handbook. It's a good method of casting on for a top-down hat like this one. I'll definitely use it again. And the yardage shown was what I used holding the yarn double; you'd only need about 1/2 that total to make it from a heavier yarn. If there is any interest in the pattern, I'm thinking of writing it up and offering it free, so let me know.

I like how this turned out, although it didn't get the overwhelmingly positive reception I'd hoped for when I wore it last night to Purl 'n Hurl. Maybe that was because the masses were overwhelmed by my notoriety, me being in the paper and all. ;)

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