Friday, June 01, 2007

Yarn Pr0n Friday

Used to be, Friday 'round these parts was a Flash Your Stash situation. Obviously, I've been a bit remiss in that department of late. But I did some stash enhancement shopping yesterday and thought I'd gloat about it here. I got these two skeins of Italian sock yarn to feed my new sock addiction. Ornaghi Filati 'Luna Park', in my colors.

I also bought this sock yarn today on eBay, from Oldfield Creek Sock & Yarn. I simply could not resist those colors! I like me some LOUD socks. I figure, if they hit you wearing colors like that, they were aiming.

These are begging to be stripey knee socks, don't you think?

Taking the April Socks That Rock with me this weekend on a camping trip, so maybe Tuesday when I'm back I'll have something to show you. Decided a simple stockinette will show off the subtle color changes better than the lace pattern that came with it, but I will be keeping the back seam, hot-cha-cha.


  1. oh girl those colors are SOO YOU!!!!

    but you need to wear the Halloween wig with them socks when you get them knit!

  2. i think you're right: my wig would ROCK with socks in this yarn!


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