Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Campin' with Kat

So, you know I went on a short camping trip this weekend after working on the catering crew for my friend Chris who coordinates for Smokin' Moses. Put a few extra bucks in my pocket peeling potatos for 300 wedding guests in Crescent City, then hung out with my friend Kat on the Winchuk River in southern Oregon for a few days. Even though we had a little rain on Monday, we had a great time. Enjoyed the wildflowers, the ripe salmonberries, the millipedes that roamed the campground, and generally had a good time. On the way home we stopped at A Perfect Yarn in Crescent City and I picked up some of the Opal Neon sock yarn I've been coveting. Nice little vacation we had. Want to see more pictures? You can see them in my Flickr set.


  1. There's a long time that i don't go camping. it is fun, but after i had my kids, well it is a little dificult, and now with a baby almost todler, there is no chance. we have to wait a little bit longer.

  2. i actually backpack every summer with friends who bring their kids. they've been bringing them along since they were under a year, and now they are 4 and 5. but yeah, it is a lot of extra work. i'm glad i don't have to worry about kids when i'm camping!


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