Thursday, March 29, 2007

Knippon Knit

I don't know about you, but I just love the Japanese craft books, particularly the knitting volumes. In general, they are very graphic, utilizing photographs and diagrams rather than the written instructions found in Western patterns. So, with a little rudimentary knowledge of Japanese characters or a cheat-sheet, you can get right to work on some of the cutest DIY projects. I found an internet resource that does just that. Japanese Knitting Basics has translations of numerals, yarn gauge, fiber content, and a Japanese-English knitting dictionary.

If you want more on Japanese knitting, visit (in English and Japanese). There you will find a 2-part article on The History of Knitting in Japan and virtual knitting exhibits.

Go get your hari (needles) and your ito (yarn) and get ami (knitting)!


  1. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Does hari really mean needles? What does commit hari kari mean then?

  2. i believe the expression is actually 'hara kiri', or 'seppuku'. americans bastardized it to 'hari kiri'.

    so yep, 'hari' is needles. :)

  3. the dizzy ewe is coming to teach dying and spinning classes, you guys should come visit. thurs-sat apr 19-21??? i think are the dates

  4. hi velma!

    thanks for the links, especially the one on the knitting basics. i own loads of those craft books but never bothered to learn japanese. probably because i'm more seduced by the pictures than the patterns. even so, i prefer diagrams to words.

    i'll come back to look for a post titled "velma versus the shipping lanes of the santa barbara channel." :)

    thuy (twee)

  5. hi schmeebot! thanks for the drop by. yeah, it was hairy, but the swells on the return were worse than the shipping traffic on the way out.

    as for the japanese craft books, i'm w/ you: the pictures, the PICTURES! just faboo. but where do you find them? i'm up the coast and we are sooo out of the loop w/ anything current.

  6. heatherly, i would SO love to come out for that!! i will talk to autumn, my spinning friend here, and see if she is up for it. we have a transpo problem these days, though, so it will be tough.

    thanks for the heads up!

  7. velma

    i get the books from kinokuniya. it's a chain that's prevalent in the bay area. i have once ordered from, but that's only because i already know what the book is about and i needed multiple copies for gifts.

    if we happen to be in sf at the same time in the future, i'd be happy to take you to the kinokuniya in japan town. no craft loving person should ever be deprived of this experience.


  8. thank you, thuy, what a kind offer. i may have to take you up on it. visiting japantown would be fun, too. cheers!

  9. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Velma, did you see my pending request? Open your IM please.....
    Michelle & Varuna

  10. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Thanks for sharing these links! Very Cool :)

  11. you are quite welcome, hitashi! :)

  12. Anonymous8:57 PM

    I just saw your comments regarding the fringe/doodads I bought a couple weeks ago.
    We have a Hancock's that is going out of business, probably about two weeks left before it shuts down forever.

    If you want something, holler today or tomorrow and I will head over and shop for you. Last time I went, everything was 40% off.
    Just tell me what colors and how much you want me to spend and I will surely stop by on my way home. But hurry, because it was going fast.
    A lot of the Doodads I bought in the picture were on their way to Australia for a fiber artist over there that doesn't have access to as much stuff. So that is why I took so many pictures.
    It was a great day at HollyEQQ!!! I have so much stuff now, I don't know what to spend.
    Just let me know soon.

    The yarn, the batik strips of yarn, was also from Hancock's.. but I didn't see anymore when I was there last. You might try or if you have a local store, they just came in right before the closing.

    Oh and the Birkenstocks were courtesy of Happy Feet on the AU Ebay $79 ...

    I like the pigs and the lions too!!
    You and the scarf are just absolutely fantastic. what a great photo!!

  13. Anonymous12:13 PM


    Thanks for posting the japanese knitting links Velma :)


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