Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tomorrow is VD!

Looking for a last-minute crafty valentine idea? Search no more! Linkmistress Velma to the rescue. No time? Get a jump on Valentine's Day 2008. Check out these patterns:

(Image from Winter 06/07 knit.1)

Need more ideas? There are more crafty VD links here (knit), here (crochet), and here (crafting). Craft On! (And Happy VD).


  1. I love to send you projects...as if!

    but, I found this etsy shop and thought of you


    look at her goods... look at the craftswomanship...

    look at the prices...

  2. etsy goodness... doggie sweaters: a future career for velma?

    what about you? maybe you should become a goat coat maven. ;)

  3. Speaking of "goat-coat"...Brown is working on his shmere for you

    he got skunked a month or so ago right between the eyes

    no shmere there

    I will brush him and save his marvelous fluff for you again this year

    this time, I won't let the big guy throw it away

  4. shmere, shmer, BROWN Shmere!!!!! smiley faces all 'round!

    keep that big guy under your thumb, where he belongs. ;)

    can't wait. gonna spin me some shmere!

    xs and os all around.


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