Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lovers Freeform

Happy St. Valentine's Day to all lovers
- and singles, be your own lover!

In honor of VD (as I call it because I'm really a 12-year old boy trapped in a 42-year old woman's body; at least, my humor is stuck there), in honor of VD, I'd like to share with you today's contribution to my Freeform Knitting 365 project.

Today, for me, is Day 104 (!). And it being Valentine's Day, I wanted to add something special; I've had the bit o' fliber fluff in reserve for today since the very beginning. One of the first things I purchased specifically for this project was 5 yards of (hee hee) red tape imprinted with the word 'Love' every inch or so. I wanted to knit love into my piece literally! Here's a picture of the tape before I knit it in.

I found a spot to show it off, and decided that the number of stitches i picked up definitely needed to be divisible by two (one for each lover), and I chose 22 stitches because it is 2 times 11, a very auspicious number in my world. For a stitch pattern, the obvious choice is garter: the favored undergarment for lovers everywhere (although I can't really picture Cole in one).

I started knitting on #11US needles, and during the "honeymoon phase" (here, the first two rows), I was on my best behavior (aren't we always when we're first in love?); I made sure to turn the tape so that the word 'Love' was turned to the outside to best show it off (aren't new lovers such showoffs too?). But then, just like in a 'real' relationship, I let it all hang out; I didn't worry about what it looked like, knowing that the 'Love' was the important thing, and it was there even when you couldn't see it from the outside. And I went up a needle size to #13US, to better accomodate how big 'Love' really is. I knit like that for two more rows, and again went up a size, to #15US needles, because my 'Love' was still growing. But in the end, it doesn't look like much, but it means a great deal to me.


  1. You are so creative! My post from a few days ago got eaten - but I think your project looks a wee bit like a little animal at this stage - with an eye.

    Also - check on one hour craft for their cute Valentine's Day panties - very easy, fun project.

  2. hi bea!! i've missed you. :( i should *definitely* be at purl 'n hurl this week.

    thanks for your compliment about my freeform; there've been a lot of comments that it looks like an animal, particularly a fish.

    i'd never heard of one hour craft - thanks for turning me on to it! you're right, those panties ROCK!

    happy valentine's day!

  3. Anonymous7:46 PM

    wonderful post; I feel quite valentined after reading it. Hope your day has been enormously happy! xoxo knitsocks

  4. it's KNITSOCKS!! so happy to see you here! thanks. you *are* valentined.

    much happiness here at casa velma. spent a good part of the day seasoning the wok (i bought last year; i procrastinate) so cole could make us stir-fry. yummies. so, tofu and veggies, bubbly, and PIE!! (and sex, did i mention we had sex?) oh, but the bestest is, he got me Rockin' Sock Club for VD! squeee!

    how about you?

  5. Anonymous5:27 PM

    That is beyond beautiful Velma!
    Or is it one million kinds of beautiful? I can't decide!

  6. aw, shucks, pippi, thank you!

    staying warm in VT, i hope?

  7. You're in good company, I think my sense of humor tends to be that of a 12 year old boy...


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