Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Lizard in the Soup

We change beyond choice,

bound to the universe

as congruent events

. . .

some as strict as gravitation,

some as random as a lizard in the soup.

~Jim Dodge,
from "The Prior and Subsequent Heavens",
in Rain on the River

* * * * * * * * * * *

Feeling much better today. I cannot put into words how much it meant to me that so many have offered their support, love, thoughts, and prayers. Thank you. This poem gets to the heart of it: we are all subject to both rules and randomness, and we change as a result. I'm just experiencing a lizard in my soup.


  1. Havent smoked in 48 hours

    started my period

    been scrubbin' black epoxy grout offa the cabinets, walls, stove, fixtures, floor...

    just got the kitchen sink a-workin'

    gonna clean out the refrige... hasn't been done since the power outage... no kitchen, no sink, AAAaaackkkK! I figured at least in the fridge it could only get SO bad until I could conveniently get to it ...so gro-da! Science experiments abound

    been doing the dishes in the bathtub

    but, no more

    bitchy as all get out but

    the lizard is outta my soup

    glad to hear it's outta yours today too

    do something nice for yourself

    hot bath and a glass of red wine on a rainy day?

  2. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Glad you're feeling better!

  3. thanks to both of you! i *am* doing better... xo


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