Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Santa Lucia Day!

It's December 13, which means it is St. Lucia Day! Celebrated primarily in Scandinavian countries, it marks the beginning of the Christmas season and celebrates Saint Lucy, patron saint of the blind. (Lucy means "light," coming from the Latin lux, from which we westerners also derive our "lucid.")

Traditionally, the eldest daughter in each family (that would be me!) participates in a ceremony in which she walks and sings with a procession of women, each wearing a crown of candles and carrying a candle in her hands, symbolizing the bringing of light into darkness. This is my take on the holiday. I took this self-portrait on Day 39 of my 365 Days project. (See the rest of my project in my flickr set.)

At this hectic time of year, when the days are dark and short and busy, it can be difficult to "see things clearly"; I'd like to take a moment today to wish everyone light and love this holiday season.


  1. Nice entry and happy St. Lucia day to you. Your pic is so cute! I'm sure my ancesters celebrated that - my maiden name is Wickstrom which is like Smith in Sweden. My great-grandparents came over from Sweden. I wish some of that tradition had been handed down in my family. The one thing we do have is that every man in my family had been a wonderful woodworker. It runs in those Swedish genes! My grandfather used to say a Swedish prayer at the table and I wish I'd learned it. It is gone with him. Anyway, thanks for that entry - I could definitely use a little more light in my life right now:)

  2. thank you, lynn. i appreciate learning about your ancestry, and i'm with you, i wish i'd had a childhood steeped in more tradition. i think my family came from england/ireland, but not really sure.

    are you having a tough time this year? it seems like this holiday season is tough on you. sending you all my best and love to boot!

  3. Oh, thanks, Velma! Nah, I'm doing fine. I've just been working too hard to appreciate the season. After Thursday's update I went into "semi-retirement" for the holidays. Today I'm decking the halls and cleaning this mess of a textile mill house of mine. I've had the carols going, got the tree, and tomorrow I'm making the infamous chocolate peanut butter balls. All's good. Thanks for asking. xoxo

  4. oh, i am *so* glad, lynn!! i was worried about you. i've got the carols cranking (that would be mr. hanky the christmas poo singing right now...), and a bit of 'nog in my glass, and i'm cleaning up a storm myself. have fun!

  5. My lovely and dear blogpal Velma...

    You are looking mightily luscious in your Christmas light Lucia crown...

    Just perused your post about knitting with beads. As you may know or remember, I, too, have crocheted with beads.

    And here I sit. Looking at your smiling face with those Christmas lights atop your head.

    And, excuse the pun, a lightbulb went off in my head. How about incorporating/knitting a line or two of Christmas lights into a project, say something like a tree skirt or a table topper or something that won't get a lot of traffic and abuse?

    I am sure if there's someone out there to attempt this, you are such an adventurous knitter...

    What do you think of this idea?


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