Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Under the Wire FO!!

Whew, just in time for the big day, I just finished my Knitty Hallowig, in Hunter Orange Bernat acrylic, for the knitalong. No size problems, no problems of any kind (besides procrastination). Love it.

As soon as I cast off, I wore it like this to the coffee shop next door, where an unfamiliar but attractive guy says to me, "Velma, right?" and I reply "Yes! But sorry, I've forgotten your name!", to which he responds, "Oh, we've never met; you're supposed to be Velma, from Scooby Doo, right?", which leads me to laugh and tell him "No, my name is actually 'Velma'!" He was flummoxed. It was great. I love Halloween.

Not sure if I'll wear it with my costume for the trick-or-treaters tonight. Either way, Happy Knitting and May Your House Not Be Egged Tonight, from Velma, not Velma.


  1. That is hilarious! You look absolutely fantastic! Nice job on the Hallowig.

  2. thanks so much, becky! it was so fun and easy to make, too.

  3. Anonymous11:06 PM

    That rocks V!

  4. Anonymous5:00 AM

    you are such a hottie!!!

  5. nicely accessorized too!

    I liked your Velma story.


  6. ooh, thanks all, glad everyone likes it. and it made me *feel* like a hottie, too. the story makes me laugh, still.

  7. I love it and I SO hope you wore it last night!

  8. hi kerry! actually, i wore a different wig. check out the nov. 1 post! thanks for the compliment.

  9. Too cute! I thought Velma had a brown bowl cut bob like Dorothy Hamill!

    Love the wig!!

    I bet it blew his mind!

  10. yeah, nm, me too. altho it was a little reddish. either way, freaked him the hell out.


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