Monday, October 02, 2006

Felt Soap, for Rebecca

Got a late-night request from Rebecca last night, to whit: how does one make these felted soap bars she saw on Queer Knits? Courtesy of Mielke's Fiber Arts, the directions are found here. I also found this FAQ about the process from the Feltmakers List. Or, you can buy the originals from Zederkamm Farm in Washington, near where I grew up. They make a soap-on-a-rope version, too! There are also a few crafters selling their versions on Etsy, the crafters eBay: PoofNoggin, AmeliaMakesArt, and DoBeClean all had different takes on the felted soap concept. (MikeE, the latter is selling "Wake 'n Bake Hemp Soap", which according to it's creator will "give you an incredible urge to bake muffins, or something." Hee.) Go wash yourselves, people!


  1. You're like a...a....a....personal shopper in a land of... craftishness! Thanks V!

    dont ya think they would be good...for the "C" word???

    uh, that would be christmas...

  2. *this* personal shopper accepts payment in the form of used salt jeans ;)

    dont ya think i should call you...the "F" word???

    uh, that would be funtastic...

  3. Anonymous5:46 AM


    Is that what happened to me this week??

    Woke up last Sunday (yep -- after actually sleeping. Used a friend's shower. Was it Wake & Bake soap they had on that rope? Can't say for sure. All I know is allof-a sudden it'

    Hey Velma -- what the hell day is it anyway?

    Sooo...I used that soap a WEEK ago???

    Oh shit! Guess that means the Brain Muffins I popped in the oven lo, those many days ago must be a little uh...Burnt.

    Wub a Dub.

  4. was wondering where you wandered off to. thought it was a cloud of smoke but it turns out to be a cloud of suds.


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