Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Buggin' Out Fiber Swap

Well, I got all the goodies for my swap partner in the fiber swap that Yarnpunk organized gathered up, photographed, and boxed; all that's left is shipping it off!

There's a buncha stuff in there: wool roving and fiber, tulle and cotton fabric, Cotswald locks, M&Ms, spider earrings, glitz, plying thread, candles, hair dye, and lots of rubber BUGGIES. Obviously, not everything will go in the yarn (I think the M&Ms might muck it up a bit). The idea is, when we get our box o' swap goodies, spin up a bug-themed Halloween seasonal yarn with the schwag inside.

For pics of other swappers' contributions, go to the Flickr pool, Fluff Candy. After we've all spun up our yarns, we'll also post photos of the finished products there.


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Great stuff V. I'm jealous!

  2. AAahhh.... what good prezzzies!

    the jeans are at Carla's

    wiggle by and see if they fit

    I was going to sell them... only worn twice

    they may be tooooo big for you

    it's the ol' stretching problem

  3. glad the fiberyness looks good to you guys. i worry that my swapee won't love it, but you guys give me confidence.

    i'll check out the salts... how could they be too big???? aren't you smaller than v, rebecca??

  4. you will have to make something ugly up! wooot! yay ugly!


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