Thursday, September 21, 2006

Like a(n Acrylic) Virgin

I don't consider myself a yarn snob, but I do favor natural fibers, and this is the first time I can remember working in acrylic. But I think I love it! So forgiving, so soft, so I-know-I-can-do- anything-to-this-and-it-will-forgive-me! This pic is of my half-complete Hallowig in Bernat Camoflauge, Hunter Orange. Isn't it a scary color? My good friend Nettie said it is most unattractive. Cool. I'm thinking of adding rhinestones, then she'll really hate it. I think I'll tell her at our lunch date today.

I'm thinking of starting a knit wig collection, this one is so much fun. I've had this pattern for knitting an Elvis wig, complete with monstrous side-burns, for years now. And just this week I stumbled across a newish pattern at BleuArts for a knit Princess Leia wig, cinnamon bun muffs 'n all. I also saw this great Marie Antoinette Wig crocheted by Jen this month for the September hat-themed Whiplash, but no pattern (yet?).

Now I'm thinking, "I wonder what other wig wonders live in knitting land?" So a-googling I go, and what do I find, but a Cowgirl Wig from Lion Brand Yarns (sorry, but their spies make you register to view free patterns, and this one isn't a knitting pattern, but a cut-and-paste effort, but cute anyhow). I found a reference to a book containing a pattern for a Barrister's Wig on TheJonBlog; the book, Knitting 19th Century Sources by Jules and Kaethe Kliot, is available from Schoolhouse Press and others for around $25. But that was all my short attention span allowed me to find. Feel free to waste more time and find me others.


  1. AS a hunter (not trophy but for meat actually so no nasty letters folks lol) only I would get the humor in this next idea
    but you could make little antlers to stick out of the top of it.

  2. Your Hallowig is coming along nicely. Same color my DH chose for his hat, but no, it's not for Halloween. I don't know about that man.

    You sure have found some interesting patterns out there!

  3. oh those glasses, where did you find them!! I adore them!!

    I love that wig too, I don't knit ubt need to bribe someone to make one for me.

  4. Anonymous9:44 PM

    that's so awesome! I want one!!!

  5. I had seem two of them before, Elvis and the Lion Brand cowgirl. But until reading your blog I had never given a thought to making any of them. I want to try them all now and I do not know why.? . I think I am in a silly mmod.

  6. thanks, guys! not sure yet if mine is for halloween or not, just been thinking that i really need one.

    kari, i *love* your idea about antlers!! can i steal it? maybe i'll make another and incorporate them. for now, i'm thinking of other adornments (you'll have to come back to see what).

    becky, glad you like my weird patterns. friends send me some, knowing i like strange stuff.

    s&s, those are my sunglasses, altho they aren't as dark as i'd like. they are vintage frames w/ 'scrip lenses, and i've had them since like '93 when i went through a vintage phase in college.

    tienne, they are super easy - you should make one!

    ang, i think sill mmods are great ;)

    cheers all!

  7. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I made a Hallowig in that same yarn, same color! You can see me coming, that's for sure :)
    I'm sure yours will be great!

  8. great minds think alike, eh sarah?? i'm planning on tarting it up a bit when i'm done, too.


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