Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Holy Crapapalooza!

I guess getting added back into the Knitting Blogs webring will bump your site traffic just a bit. Guess what day Julie added Velma's World back in to the ring?!? I went from an average of a paltry 40 visitors per day to a whopping 134 yesterday! Holy Crap, batman! Sure hope my offerings were up to snuff; I'd like to see these people come back again for a second looksee. And maybe just decide to stick around for awhile. Welcome New VWorld readers.

What I don't get is the lurking. O.k., I know I have a rather sizeable mouth, and I comment freely in both my out-in-the-world life and my online one. Sometimes, rather more than is absolutely necessary, I'd wager. The upshot is, I have opinions and I'm not shy about sharing them. But it doesn't seem that my chatting proclivities are shared by your average knitblog reader. I ask you, how do 94 new web-surfers visit, and only 1 newbie comments? Thanks to Trish of My Merino Mantra, for being that person. Comments make me feel like someone out there is interested in my drivel. Maybe for the rest of you lurkers out there, I'll have a contest, with prizers, to bring you outta the woodworks. But thanks for at least visiting. End of rant.

If we travel int the way-back machine to when Velma's World was a mere babe-in-the-woods (not the mature babe of today), I joined the webring (got booted 'cuz I didn't write for 3 years; boy, are their rules tough! hee). At that time, their button looked like the one on the left. It has been replaced by the familiar button on the right. Although I used the old one before, I think I'll switch it up and use the new one from now on; more streamlined.

Edited to add: No offense meant to any of my Bloglines or Feedblitz readers, who don't necessarily visit the actual site and therefore don't comment. Thanks, Kari, for the heads up about this issue.


  1. Sorry, I am horrible about commenting, I read on bloglines alot of times and just don't have time to go to the blog itself and comment.

  2. oh man, kari, i am such a dork! complain, complain, that's me pre-caffeine. i never thought of my bloglines readers! but i was really talking about the new readers directed here from the ring. i always try to comment on new blogs i find, especially if they seem under-commented. but there i go again, expecting other people to behave like me. dang! gotta STOP that.

    thanks for being such a good lil' commenter! ;)

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Funny: I got near 100 hits one day (astonishing over @ my crappy blog) from fabs of blog-buddy Alan's digs on racehorses.

    100 new visitors who read what was I believe the first-ever Gangsta Rap about a racehorse: my Nigaa Scrappy T.

    100 hits & not one comment -- except from Alan, who (I think...) dug my rhymes.

    I wondered Why but then realized: these were all the same people whose money said goodbye when Scrappy T got up for the Show.

    Seems they didn't care to comment on their loss. Or maybe got plain pissy about me making fun of them...

  4. who knows what lurks in the hearts of blog readers, mike e, who knows...

  5. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Yeah -- think mostly when I don't comment is when I figure I got only Dumb Things to say...

    Course I don't always let that stop me.

  6. here's to saying dumb shite!

  7. it is odd to be a lurker all the time.

    sorry about boots. boots is in a place that is way more fun now. for sure.

  8. lurkers, boo! natasha, yeah!

    thanks for the nice thoughts about boots. i think you are right; it's his mom i worry about. but she's doing better.

    hey, are you doing the bug-themed fiber swap that elizabeth started?


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