Thursday, September 28, 2006

"Atlanta's Yarn Thief Gets Jail Time"

ATLANTA, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- Atlanta's serial yarn thief, a 70-year-old grandmother, will spend a year in jail after pleading guilty to shoplifting.

Audrey Yandel, a retired nurse, has been convicted 12 times in the past 20 years, mostly for stealing yarn, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. She has been caught stealing yarn and knitting needles again, the newspaper said.

Yandel is forbidden from entering any specialty store that sells yarn.

Her attorney said his client has suffered from a "compulsive behavior disorder" and has sought psychiatric help.

After serving her time, Yandel will be on six years' probation.

What can I say? This will probably be me in 30 years... But really, who puts a 70-year old woman behind bars??


  1. we need to get her to photograph her stash...
    before she goes to the big house, that is

    I wonder what she has hiding in the spare room......
    I wonder

    When I am 70 I hope to be the old woman down the street with the thundering heard of mini doxies

    I want to have birthday parties for them in the front yard, with cake, and catch glimpses of my neighbors... peering over to see whats going on...shaking their heads...

    I want to have 70 cats, all lurking about happily

    You can be my neighbor, if you like

    the kids and I will invite you over for cake

  2. yes!! let's eat cake! when we are 70, sophie will be 31 (ohmygawd) and will bring us our cake, with lovely cocktails on the side. she'll sit at our knees, and ask us about what it was like when she was 3, and we'll tell her stories about when a cake only cost $16 at ramones...

    should i tell eileen??

    i will be your neighbor if i can put an airstream on your property, and be the crazy knitting-spinning lady with no cats but lots of boys calling on her... what will cole think, i wonder? and where are steen and audi in all this??? who cares...

    ...LET 'EM EAT CAKE!

  3. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Shoplifting yarn when you're 70? You shock me Velma! I had you pegged different:

    The type to mug your fellow elder & knit-crazed colleague for the yarn she just lifted from the store...

  4. It would be funny, except she (and a yarn accomplice) STOLE $13,000 worth of yarn!!! And, that's just from one of the stores she "frequented". This was one busy grandma!

  5. I think when this story broke there actually was a picture of her stash- a garage full of garbage bags full of yarn. Obviously she has a problem- I don't know that jail is the solution. I wonder if she knits- or if she just steals yarn.

  6. it IS funny. and SAD. just like life.

  7. like natasha and the dandy warhols would say:

    "when it's good, it's fun, when it's bad, it's funny."

  8. $13,000.00 worth of yarn? Are you kidding me? I probably shouldn't be laughing.

  9. that's like either 3,000 skeins of lion brand, or 300 skeins of tilli tomas...

    seems like the latter would be easier to smuggle out under your smock...


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