Monday, August 14, 2006

Yarn Query

One of my favorite readers asked me what kind of yarn I'm using for the Central Park Hoodie, so I strapped myself into the way-back machine and went detail-digging and found this photo. After more searching, I found this VWorld entry, dated March 07, 2003 if you can believe it, scribed back in the time of pre-history, i.e. when I got my greedy little hands on it. So it's been in my stash for awhile now. Even then, I was thinking cardigan.

Although I still don't have exact fiber content data, (just that it's "wool"), I was able to ascertain that I purchased it from Ceol-deas on eBay, who specializes in selling Irish yarns & crafts. My best guess is its parentage is a 100% Donegal tweed wool. I snagged 20 skeins, totalling 1360yds, which means I might be shy of the total 1647 called for (DOH!). Judging by the 6 balls remaining, I might just be able to eke it out. No hood, maybe??

And the color, oh the color! It resembles the backs of the new foliage on Cole's meyer lemon tree in the backyard. I think it amusing that my yarn looks & knits identical to the Tahki yarn called for in the pattern, right down to the color. The true color in real-life is somewhere between the two photos here.

And check out these buttons! Three of the variegated and 2 of the solid purple, and some i-cord for toggle-style closures, and I'm in business!


  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    I'm definitely loving the tweed. I love tweed yarns. I want to make a tweed cardigan. I am starting to hate knitting cardigans. XD

  2. heehee, glad you like it, june! are you working on one now??

  3. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Well, I'm working on Mariah but am stuck on the hood instructions found in the errata at the Mariahalong Yahoogroup. I've been telling myself to just follow them, but seriously, they make NO SENSE!!

  4. i love that colour! so purdy! and the purple? woah!

  5. june, i was checking out the pattern, & tho complicated (sheesh) it seemed do-able. have you found the KAL group helpful at all? good knitting!

    natasha, thx! i wish i could get a *really* good pic of the green; it's never quite true-to-life. the purple does it justice, tho. ps i picked up a thing or 2 yesterday, destined for your care-box :D

  6. Anonymous6:56 PM

    it's been very helpful, especially the archives.

  7. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I'm ceol-deas (Christine) from Irish Yarns and crafts. I remember that green! I'm still selling Kilcarra Donegal tweed on ebay. They were/are the spinners for Tahki, so that's why they look so similar. They Are.

    Your buttons are perfect.

  8. oh christine, i'm so happy to hear from you!! thanks for finding me, and for the button kudos. i *thought* they must be the same! looks like i'll be a few skeins short, so i'll track you down on ebay to get some more. should be close enough in color. will prob. order something else, too, since shipping is so high. cheers!


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