Monday, August 14, 2006

New LYS Gets Velma Seal of Approval

There's a not-so-new LYS in town, knitters! I finally travelled north to McKinleyville, and met Janice Diller, proprietress of Handmade Memories. (Here's a map).

Janice recently made the decision to scrap the scrapbooking supplies, and focus *entirely* on yarns & yarn supplies! Wheeee!!
She carries a nice selection of both high-end and budget yarns, including Noro, as well as Noni Knits & Pick Up Sticks patterns (I'm doing a Noni Knitalong as we speak). The best part about the store? Janice is way open to suggestions and requests, not always the order of the day in these parts (ahem). If there's something you are interested in, be sure to ask her about it. She also offers not-to-be-missed knitting & crochet classes, Stitch 'n Bitch, and a monthly Midnight Free for All, an open invitation 'til midnight to work on projects (this month it's Friday, August 18th - wanna go??). So visit Handmade Memories, introduce yourself, and tell Janice "Velma sent me!" (And buy a little somethin'-somethin' if you can -- let's support the good ones!)


  1. havent been to this place yet even though its nearly in my hood... I have pressed my nose against the window at nght to peer in though...

    happy to hear that she is NICE, unlike some other store owners...and perhaps she will even carry enough of one thing so that one could actually do a project

    have you scrapped your swatch yet so you can sew up your cardi???

    you productive lil critter you

  2. heehee, WHO could we be talking about, me wonders?!? good thinking, about the swatch, i'd forgotten 'bout it. my (naive) mind says that it will all work out in the end, easy-peasy.

    are you working friday? wanna go to the midnight thingy w/ me? (i'll need a ride, obviously). i'm gonna try to get some interest going at the PnH tomorrow.

    ps your yarn is almost done! (spinning, then i've got to wash/set twist/dry it. whee!


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