Friday, July 28, 2006

New Interactive Feature

In honor of the Blogathon, I've added an interactive Tagboard to VWorld. It allows any VWorld visitor to leave a general message, supplementing the comments feature (found at the bottom of each post, my Luddite friends) that provides a means of commenting on an individual post.

To use this feature, go to the sidebar, scroll down to the "Multi Media" section, add your name, website url (if applicable), and message, then click "Tag". That's it! Your message will be instantly visible.

For now, you may see a load of pop-ups (unless you are using Firefox as your browser as I do; it's pop-up blocker works quite well). This should subside as soon as Tagboard finishes processing my order for an upgraded (read: paid) account; I ponied up the $20 for the Pro account to kill the ads.

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