Thursday, July 27, 2006

I. Want. These. Bad.

So, I saw these (or something similar for around $40!) on eBay a few months ago, and now I see this blurb in Gizmodo. The Knit Lite, knitting needles with internal LEDs! What I couldn't have accomplished around the campfire on my Siskiyous trip if I'd been able to see my work around the campfire. Using my headlamp was out, as everyone else at the fire would have hogtied me (fun in some circumstances, I hear, but not here). These would've done the trick, though.

KPixie is purported to carry 'em, but appears to be out of stock. They can be had at Dreamweaver Yarns and La Knitterie Parisienne. At $15.95/pair or $125 for a set of size 6-15US, that's a waaaay better deal than the $40 eBay jobbies. (For you hookers out there, crochet hooks are available, too).

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