Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Got Sponsor?

I do! 13 and counting. Yeah, team VWorld!!

Whew! So, after drafting and sending 100+ individual email pleas, I'm done begging. I've run out of peeps to solicit for sponsorships. On to other stuff ('til Saturday, anyway).

Knitting Update
While working on the Central Park Hoodie, noticed that I'd transposed lines in the pattern and knit the back about 2 inches too short. No worries, I can fix that. The front left side is about 3/4 done, too. So I'm roughly 1/3 done. Whee!

Can't seem to get the color right in my photos. Dang! This yarn is much more vibrant and limey.

Off to the River now. Tata!

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