Saturday, July 29, 2006

8:30pm - SP9

When I first heard about the Secret Pal'ers, a group of knitters that exchange care packages of goodies with one another, I wanted to be a part of it so bad I almost peed myself. But alas, I learned of it too late to get in on Secret Pal 8. But there's a new blog up, Secret Pal 9, and I found it early, almost before it's up and running. I hope I can be a part of it.


  1. Anonymous12:11 AM

    I've always been tempted to sign up, but I haven't had a car up at my school for the past year, so no shopping for me, really. Maybe this time I'll change.

  2. i don't use a car either, but live in town. our shopping's not much, but it's local. do you really have *nothing*?


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