Saturday, July 29, 2006

8:00pm - Still #3?

Cole left the house with this, the #3 bag tag in Par Infinity Disc Golf Club. Did he return home with it? We'll see at 9:00pm when he returns...

What are bag tags? They are a way of ranking players in a local area. At the beginning of the year, any discer choosing to participate buys in for a nominal fee (ours is $10, which is used for materials costs) and is ranked based on our premier tournament: the Bigfoot. For the rest of the year, golfers challenge one another for a higher tag, and therefore a higher rank. At the end of the year, you keep your tag. The goal is to move up the ranks and stay there. I, sadly, still hold Tag #8 of 8 in our Goddess (Women's) Division. (Handblown glass tags courtesy of our own Jason "J-Bird" Orlandi).

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