Monday, March 10, 2003

Yeee, haaaaw! Hot damn, all the HTML, technology and knitting planets must be in alignment, because I've finally gotten my digital camera AND my code working in synchronicity. So now, for your viewing pleasure, let me direct your attention to all of the active hotlinks located to your left, comprising the following categories:

1. still in stashed skeins - that would be the projects on the drawing board

2. cast on & away we go! - works in progress, or, WIPs if you prefer

3. bound off & ends woven in - here, dear reader, you will find my completed projects

Please, peruse these pics at your leisure, and report back to me. I'm a new knitter, having learned at the knee of my esteemed knit guru Eileen W., aka "Weener," in November of 2002. You might say that I'm now a bit obsessed with my new "hobby." And I love feedback, especially in the form of praise. But feel free to be brutally honest. I can even accept such harsh criticism as "That's nice," or "Good job for a beginner." ;) Be lavish, be clever, but say something.

And let me introduce you to my model, Betty2 (Betty1 was my '64 Impala 4-door V8, sweeeet!). Give it up for Betty2!!!!!

Betty2: What a hottie!

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