Wednesday, March 12, 2003

While our nation prepares for a war that seemingly NO ONE wants, let's turn to the lighter side: knitting revelry at Purl & Hurl.

Our "little" knitting circle has turned into a veritable babe-fest! Last night we were 18-strong, and quite a lot to contend with for the staff and other patrons at Plaza Grill. Although we experienced some serious logistical problems, ie. getting food and drink (DON'T get me started), all was well in the end. I think everyone that wanted something got something, although not necessarily what they intended. But with a group of that size, you've gotta expect some bumps along the way. Major kudos to Maura, the queen maitre d' for helping out in a pinch. After a friendly consultation with her, I think we should have fewer problems next week. BUT to make this work in the future, I'm going to need something from you, m'dears: I'll require a more accurate head-count for the reservation. Last night I said 10 and then 18 of us showed up -- not good. So, in future weeks, please let me know if we should expect you Tuesday night. We'll try this for a few weeks, then revisit the system to see how it works for everyone.

Enough business, down to the knitty-gritty! What a raucous good time we all had! Several newcomers were in our midst, and to them I extend a hearty Hurler 'welcome!' Thanks to Jay and Liz for bringing new members Jenny and Mieke, and especially for bringing new members that don't need instruction ;) And a big Stitch 'n Bitch congrats to Tamara's beau Michael, for sticking it out with a bunch of loud OCD crafters!

Speaking of crafters: I found the coolest propaganda item for sale yesterday! I am going to try to secure one to wear at the Peace March in Eureka on Saturday (contact Tamara or me for more info on that). Available in both women's (shown) and men's and available here, it looks like this:

The Peace March was just one of the topics of discussion last night, albeit a weighty one. (Several of us plan on attending, and it would be great to have a stong Purl & Hurl contingent. Think about it. ) Besides the March, many inquiries were made Re: Eileen & Chris' exam, to wit, "Are you Rock-studly or Rock-dudly?" That remains to be seen, as the results are not yet in, but methinks that test-scores notwithstanding, both are Rock-studly. I'm sure in coming weeks we'll hear more from them on the subject.

Natalie, Tamara and Kathleen have all escaped the throes of the Humboldt Crud and were back in fine knitting knettle last night. Kathleen is between projects, so nothing to report there, and Tamara was such a hot commodity that I didn't get a chance to see how her scarf has progressed, but Natalie, "WOW" is all I can say! For someone who claimed to be a newbie, you sure picked up the needles like a pro! She's got some kind of slipped-stitch, tubular dude, cudly-as-hell scarf-thingy going on! Bee-u-timous! Jay has loosened up his stitching a bit, and while not actually working on his scarf between Purl & Hurl gatherings, seems to be enjoying himself mightily. His Samsonite yarn 'bag' is still a huge hit. His lovely friend Jenny was working on socks, as was Chris. Mieke gets the award for the most unique project of the night: she's creating a useful hemp kitchen scrubby. Heather, Anna, Gwen, Kat, Liz, Mary - all are knitting scarf-tacularly. Cheri roped Eileen into helping her as she makes her first foray into hat-dom; in her very first hat lesson, Cheri learned about ripping out and re-casting on (a subject that I am all too familiar with). And Simone, finding her 20-yearish-old yarn stash uninspiring, brought some brand-spanking new scrumptious red stuff and started yet again on a scarf. She says that one more change, this time of needle size, should do it. Lastly, Velma received her long-awaited yarn needed to complete her 3-strand scarf, and knit happily away between compliments on her oh-so-trendy ensemble and complaining about not having any sustenance, liquid or otherwise (sorry to all for my dissatisfaction; but they forgot my dinner order 3 times! The comped 'make-up soup' was great though ;)

So the scorecard for last night reads as follows: 45 assorted cocktails, 18 happy knitters, 11 scarves-in-progress, 3 Caesar salads, 2 pairs of socks, 1 cast-on hat, and a hemp scrubby for the new gaaaaaal (to be sung to the 12 Days of Christmas, I suppose). Whew!

Before I close, let me convey long-distance greetings from Ev, who is, apparently, so 'busy' enjoying the luxuries Hawaii has to offer that she needed to have Tyler send her hellos - good for her! Hopefully, she'll bring some of that balmy Hawaiian weather back in her suitcase for us. I for one am tiring of the gray Humboldt March already, and have been enjoying the tulips on the Plaza inordinately. HELLO SPRING!!

Juicy link of the day: Cast Off, a like-minded group of knitters in the U.K. (United Knitters or United Kingdom - you be the judge). Be sure to check out the press page to read an hilarious article about their unusual-venue gatherings, complete with a 'stunt-knitter.'

Guess that's all. (You must be *exhausted*...)

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 18th at 6:30pm at Plaza Grill. Until then, keep knitting. It's cheaper than therapy.

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