Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Knit, knit, knit, knit. Finally doing more with the needles than the mouse! Got so many WIPs littering the house, you'd think I'd just held up my LYS. They, I am convinced, are conspiring to bury me in beautiful yarn. Those fiends! Each day, the big question is: buy food, or buy yarn? Pay the utility bill, or buy yarn? I simply can't control myself. Take today, for example. I had every intention of staying away from my LYS. I mean, they always say they like seeing me every day, but how exciting can it be for them having me show up every day to show off my newest arrival from eBay? So today, I was all set to just stay away, not feed my habit. But no, they were having none of that. I get a call, just before lunch, from Diane, who's purring into my ear, just like the pusher she is, saying "Ooh, Velma, I just got your special delivery in today. I know you want it. It will be hear waiting for you." How am I supposed to resist that? She brought "samples" back from her trip to Idaho, where she visited her friend Lynda who owns a yarn store there. Absolutely beautiful handspun, that's what she brought back! And she could get me some, as much as I wanted, at a really low price. What was I to do, just say "No, thank you, I don't do that kind of thing?" No! I had to have some. So today, when she called, and purred in my ear, I ran to my LYS to get my hands on that handspun. And you know what? It was even more beautiful than I'd remembered. And Lynda had changed the colors to better suit my preferences. It is gorgeous. And I love it. And I'm not ashamed to say: "I AM ADDICTED TO YARN."

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