Friday, March 07, 2003

What a rush! Someone referenced Velma's World on their blog!

When I accessed Velma's World this morning, as I do every morning post-coffee/pre-work, to see if anyone left me a comment in the sidebar during the wee hours of the morning after I closed up the blog-shop, I was initially crushed to find that nothing was loading on the page. Just the Blogspot banner ad across a sea of pink. "Oh, no, where did all the work I put in last night go," I thought. So I opened up another browser window, to see if other blogs hosted by Blogspot were having trouble, and pointed my browser at betseeee knits!, blog of the woman who I emailed yesterday to solicit advice about my upcoming Top Secret sweater (see below). Her page loaded, no problem, so I knew it wasn't Blogspot's server causing the glitch. But what I did see amazed me! Right there, at the top of the page, was my name, in lovely hyperlink-blue, giving every and all visitors to betseeee knits! the opportunity to check out my own humble blog. Admittedly, I am easily impressed, but she made my whole day. I feel like I've been offered membership in an exclusive club.

So be sure to go on over to betseeee knits!, check out her lovely blog, which is much more sophisticated than mine, let me assure you, and check out what she said about lil' ole me. And thanks, Betsy!

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