Thursday, March 06, 2003

Ayeeeai!! The chocolate-y goodness of the Gedifra Dandy yarn I ordered from in B.C. Canada arrived today, all 20 scrumptious skeins of it! And those sweeties at Beehive were kind enough to tuck a copy of the Gedifra Highlights #12 pattern book in the package before shipping, which oh-so-serendipitously contained a pattern I'd been seeking fruitlessly, not knowing where it came from.

After agonizing for weeks over what yarn would be most appropriate for my very first sweater project, I finally chose the Dandy in color #1412. Isn't it yummy?


So now I'm ready to embark on my Knitty Top Secret sweater. I started by doing something I haven't done before (shame on me!) - I knit a gauge swatch! I mean, if Martha Stewart says I gotta, then, I gotta, right? Well, luckily for my A.D.D. personality, it came out *exactly* to gauge the first time, on the suggested #10.5 circs (Addi's, my fave). (I would post a pic of the swatch, but my ding-dang-smack@#$%ing digicam is in the shop. Soon. Very soon.)

So, I'm rarin' to go, and it's only 10pm here on the left coast, so time to get stitchin.'

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