Friday, March 28, 2003

Much Ado About Nothing

The furor about The Article is dying down, due in no small part to the pooh-poohing of notable knitbloggers Joe and Marilyn, et al. Last night, I set myself to the task of linking to all the web community responses to her piece, assuming (as most of us do, probably) that everyone else would obviously feel the same as I do on the subject; namely, righteous indignation. Well, although I have exhausted my attention span for checking all the sites before making it through even half of the 226 blogs in the knitting bloggers webring, I have come to several conclusions:

1. Not everyone subscribes to the Velma Way of Looking at the World (duh!);

2. Most knitbloggers seem to think she isn't worth the trouble to be offended;

3. Kerstin of At My Knit's End had the funniest riposte: a 'Pin the Tail on Tanya' game!

So if you aren't already completely bored to tears by the whole thing, the links below are to others in the 'ring who've posted about the subject. It is by no means an exhaustive list, as I said. Feel free to let me know who I've left out.

Bonne Marie at Chicknits

Amber at Knitting and Textiles

Joe at Queer Joe's Knitting Blog

Ginny at Ginnfizz

Jennifer at Moving Hands

Michelle at My Knitting and Great Danes

Ellen at Someone's Been Moving My Chair

Marilyn at The Knitting Curmudgeon

Stella at Stella Knits

Marney at The World According to Marney

Ivete at Knotology

Antonio at All Stitched Up

Kerstin at At My Knit's End

Anne at Anne's Addictions

Alison at Blue Blog

Leigh at Niddy Noddy

Jennifer at The Spirit Trail

Jahara at Fervid Design

Shetha at Simplicitly Stitched

Krista Jo at KnitWit

Becky at Fluffa!

Shannita at Crafty Diva

Matt at Crowing Ram

Geane at Knitpix

Carolyn at Girlreaction

{And Sarah, not to worry, I haven't forgotten my promise -- I'll post tonight or tomorrow on sources.}

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