Saturday, March 29, 2003

Fishy, finished & fab

Here's a picture of the COMPLETED Hubby Scarf, done today. Specs: seed stich on #9 Addi circs using 1 strand each of Lamb's Pride and mohair. The Hubby requested 'Redwood colors' - think it succeeds? Otis is o-r-a-n-g-e!, so you can see the brick color of the mohair. But the picture doesn't do justice to the texture; it is much furrier than it looks.

Otis on the Hubby Scarf

Sarah, I didn't forget ya

Sarah wrote to me recently, lamenting the dearth of a Local Yarn Store (LYS) in her remote neck of Ontario. She told me that she liked some of the yarns I've been using in my projects, and asked if I would share my sources with her. So, as promised Sarah, here are some of the sellers that I have used, both online and off. I have received excellent service, great prices and beautiful yarns from all. eBay can't be underestimated, I think. And don't forget how useful a Google search can be.

Fabric Temptations - My LYS - tell 'em Velma sent you
Keep Me In Stitches - Gorgeous handspun -- Lynda Vrgora +1 208 634-2906, McCall, Idaho
Susan at Toadal eBay Store where I got yarn for this WIP and this hat
Beehive Wool- source of yarn for this WIP
Yarn Forward - Just ordered this from them this week

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