Monday, March 03, 2003

It's not raining (yet), I've had my coffee, there's yarn and a couple a knitting patterns (here, here and here) I won on eBay winging their way to me as we speak, and I'm happy!

I have been having pain in my right hand recently. Too much knitting? Probably. Too much mousing at work? Definitely. But knitting was definitely aggravating it. So I took Saturday off from knitting to create this here weblog, or 'blog'. What fun! I am really sinking my teeth into learning some basic HTML code, and this work-in-progress is the result. Check back often to see how it evolves. Pictures coming soon.

In the meantime, don't forget to come to the next gathering of PURL & HURL. Every Tuesday at 6:30pm at Plaza Grill on the Plaza in Arcata, a group of like-minded (read: fun-loving, cocktail-swilling, free-for-all knitters) meet up to share their current knitting projects and generally have a good time. Next meeting will be tomorrow, March 4. I'll post a follow-up after for those that couldn't make it. See you there!

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