Monday, March 24, 2003

Gosh, Thanks Everyone!
Holy super exit poll, Batman! I'm flat out *flabbergasted* by all the positive strokes I've received for my lil' ol' blog. Many thanks to everyone who has spent the time it takes to drop me an email, post a comment, or just taken a chance visiting my site. Huge tip o' the hat to Becky at Fluffa, who has been so kind over and over, and has now even linked to Velma's World on her own frontpage - with a squishy-good compliment, no less! And somehow I've risen to 68th-most-popular website on Blizq, out of 1226! I've also got to give it up for the beaut-onamous babes at Bust - they not only chose me as an "Editor's Pick" but have directed more new visitors to my site than any other single source! Not bad for a blog that's only one month old, eh? But I have to say that I never would have done it without the inspiration of all the other bloggers out there. Becky, Nicole, Betsy, Carolyn, Stella, Nathan, Bea - keep setting the bar high, and I'll try to stay right on your heels!

With that, I give you the new and (hopefully) improved look of Velma's World that you see before you. Let it be easier on your eyes, more enticing to your psyche and (please!) less HTML-code intensive. Now I'll be able to spend some of the time I've been putting into getting the look of the place the way I want into actually DOING some KNITTING. And maybe then, my creative juices flowing, I'll be able to put a little more oomph into the content. Form is good, after all, but function, ah, both together: that's a beautiful thing.

So please, everyone, sign into my guest map, enjoy the new layout while I work on a logo, and leave me lots of FEEDBACK. I live for your opinions. OK, that's an utter lie. Obviously, I live for knitting ;) But I do want to hear from you - tell me what you think about the joint. And thanks for visiting. Cheers!

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