Saturday, October 01, 2011

Let the Socktoberfesting Begin!

It's October again (already?!?), so that means SOCKTOBERFEST!*

Socktoberfest 2011 - goals

What the hell is Socktoberfest, you ask? Geez, knitters, where you been living, under a rock? Started in '05 (an auspicious year, as that is when I met my beloved), it is the labor of love of Lollyknittingaround (who, btw, takes KICKASS photos!). There is (of course), a group on Ravelry dedicated to it, too:, as well as a group on flickr. But what IS it? OK, fair enough. From the Rav group homepage:

What is Socktoberfest?

A very simple concept with very few restrictions - Socktoberfest is a month-long (throughout the month of October) celebration of socks. It is a celebration of the accessories that we make as crafters to cover our feet. Think of it more as a festival than a knitalong - people who love something come together and celebrate it!

Basically, Socktoberfest is what you make of it. Me, I'm planning to make it a sock WIP-fest. That photo above? Those are the 3 sock projects I have on the needles, in various stages of un-done-ed-ness. I really neeed to finish these! Let's see if I can finish all three AND their mates. How 'bout a little blog badge action to keep me motivated, eh?

Wanna details on the 3 sock projects themselves? They're in my Rav projects! (L-R): Ziggity Zaggity, Getting Leyed, and Summit Socks. My first colorwork project, my first slip-stitch project, and a project using my own hand-dyed yarn, respectively. FUN! Oh, and the project bags? They're from Celestial Fiber Arts, Heidimonkey, and Chicken Boots!

Are you Socktoberfesting with me?

* While looking for a link to an 'official' Socktoberfest site, I stumbled across Hubert's Socktoberfest Blog - you MUST see this! It chronicles the adventures of one Hubert the Swiss Sockmonkey. Precious!

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  1. I wish I liked knitting socks more than I do. My favorites are dk or sport yarn, so they're faster. Worsted is my favorite. I have a fingering weight sock languishing on the needles...

    I wish you a happy and productive Socktoberfest!


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