Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gettin' My Silky On

COLORBOMB 'Speak Softly' Silk Pigtails - Mosaic

Feeling silk-tastic! My bamboo handspun shawl has put me in the mood for some lustrous, drapey fiber action, & the hand-dyed Mulberry silk sliver I dyed last week is just the ticket! I put 5 colorways of my handpainted Pigtails™ into the COLORBOMB Creations Etsy shop for your spinning pleasure. Pictured above is the pinkiest-pink colorway 'Speak Softly', and the Etsy listing can be found HERE.

COLORBOMB 'Bridge at Giverny' Silk Pigtails - Mosaic

COLORBOMB Pigtails™ (Rav link) are daisy-chain braids of roving (carded) or top (combed), hand-dyed using professional acid or fiber reactive dyes in fun color combos & semi-solids. These particular silk braids are 100% Bombyx (aka Mulberry) silk combed sliver/top, and the colorway above, inspired by Monet's painting of the same name, is called 'Bridge at Giverny' and can be found in the shop HERE.

COLORBOMB 'Punch Drunk' Silk Pigtails - Mosaic

Mulberry silk fiber is the highest quality available, made by Bombyx mori silkworms. The luminosity is stunning in this fiber, and when spun it creates a shine that is unparalleled. It is also the strongest natural fiber available, making your spun yarn extremely durable. Mulberry silk is hypoallergenic and odorless, unlike it's wild counterpart, and will not felt. Get some in the colorway above, 'Punch Drunk' which is full of tangerine, lemon, and strawberry citrus colors & is for sale HERE.

COLORBOMB 'Wind in the Willows' Silk Pigtails - Mosaic

Each of these braids is 2 ounces of silky goodness, with a staple length of approximately 3 inches. My colorways are OOAK & non-repeatable - be sure to grab yours while you can! Above is my 'Wind in the Willows' colorway, created by using the grassy-est, most arboreal greens I could create. It's available HERE.

COLORBOMB 'Banana Seuss' Silk Pigtails - Mosaic

For 'Banana Seuss' I paired a lemony, banana yellow with spots of magenta pink to create a shimmery, playful palette. Get yours here!

I've got several more pounds of this scrumptious fiber to dye up, so get your color requests in soon if you are looking for something specific. I'm happy to work with your color cravings!

Happy shopping and Happy spinning!

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