Thursday, June 10, 2010

Best. Birthday. EVER.

Seems to me that a BIRTHDAY is as good a reason as any to get your ass back to blogging, wouldn't you agree? Also known as Tiara Day, a good time was had by all.

Yesterday I celebrated my 46th, putting me squarely in the 46 Days of Velma. Long-time readers know that in my religion, you get 1 day of celebration for each year you've managed to drag your ass through life; like wine, celebrating should improve with age. Party on, Garth!

My day got off to a great start with dozens of birthday well-wishers on both Ravelry and Twitter. Thanks to all my internet friends for sending me their love and hope that my day be filled with yarn & beer!

This year, my natal day fell conveniently on knit night, negating any need for me to plan something; I had a built-in party! So I went to Purl 'n Hurl last night & was delighted to discover we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 16 people there, quite a turnout for our little group. We took up 4 tables at The Alibi, the drink flowed, lots of knitting & crochet ensued, & I was even showered with some nifty gifties.

There was handmade candy from Bea; one of the books on my wishlist, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, from Monika; gorgeous flowers from Sunni; a beer & a handmade funk CD from Elena & her partner Max; a one-of-a-kind spindle bag created by Saremy; and a gift certificate from Rhonda entitling car-free-me to 100 miles of driving time with her! What a great bunch of friends I have!

And BOY did Mr. Likevelvet come through! He ordered the sock knitting book I'd been coveting, Think Outside the Sox, & it arrived in time for me to pick it up yesterday. AND he baked me special wheat-free brownies! And when I got home from Purl 'n Hurl last night, there was a bag of my favorite treats waiting for me: Racer 5 IPA, Crunch 'n Munch, SweetTarts, Dagoba chocolate bars, and fresh apricots & grapefruit, all wrapped to look like a colorbomb! Best part? The refrigerator magnet card that says "Chicks Rule". He so gets me!

So thank you to EVERYONE that contributed to my stellar birthday party, both in person & virtually through teh internets. You guys really made my day.


  1. You're 46, seriously? Yow! I never would have thought 46 (I would have thought considerably younger). Guess it's that creative pizzazz shining through!

  2. Awesome way to celebrate your birthday. I hope all 46 days were wonderful.

  3. You are not 46. I refuse to believe it! I always put you near my age (26) so feel free to tell people that you're not yet 30 :) And I totally love your idea of 1 day of celebration for every year you've been alive. Going to try that in a few weeks for my 27th!

  4. I think a day for each year is a wonderful idea! I'll be celebrating for a long time! ha ha Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like a fantastic way to have celebrated & I LOVE your 1day/year rule!!!


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