Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Post-Ravelympics Ruminations

Ravelympics may be over, but the reminiscing has just begun! I was waiting for my BobicusMaximus Badge of Glory pin to arrive to get this post up, & as you can see by this photo, it's here! Next time you see me at a fiber festival, I'll be Ravelry representin'. Now, let the ruminating begin!

First, an accounting.

This garnered me the following medals:
  • Aerial Unwind: 4
  • WIPs Dancing: 5
  • Flying Camel Spin: 2
  • Stash Dance: 2
  • Charity Curling, Downhill Dyeing, Hat Half-Pipe, Platter Lift, & Single Skein Speed Skate: 1 each

As a Team Captain, I also received this special medal, which I've posted with pride on my Ravelry profile page.

Not bad, huh? There's a big discussion going on over in the What I learned at the Ravelympics thread, which I have yet to weigh in on. But here are some stats I lifted from this post by Kimberli:
  • total # projects tagged with ravelympics2010: 24,284
  • total # projects tagged with ravelympics2010 and finished: 12,878
  • total # Ravelers that finished: 6,296 (out of 9,538 participating)
  • total # countries participating: 65
  • total # of people posting into a Finish Line: 5,186
  • total yardage used: 8,068,000 (yes…this is 8+ million!)
  • total yardarge spun/dyed: 448,000
So, what did I learn at the Ravelympics? I re-discovered how good it feels to actually finish things. I was reminded that I work best under a deadline. And I learned that I love knitting! Oh, wait, I already knew that. How about: I learned that I really need to find a better way if I'm going to start dyeing self-striping sock yarn at a production level. Better?

I can't end this post without talking a little bit about my mates on Team COLORBOMBers. They really made Ravelympics for me, all 10 of them. I want to give a special shout-out to Knitzphat & Halloweentango for really helping me keep the conversation going over the course of the last several weeks. You two are almost as bigga loudmouths as me! In a good way, of course. ;)

As a thank-you to everyone that participated in Ravelympics as a member of Team COLORBOMBers, I'm sending each of you a $10 off coupon good towards your next purchase at www.colorbombcreations.etsy.com!


  1. Oh Capt'n! and teammates too....I had SO much fun during Ravelympics and I went into a lil slump of withdrawals when it ended.
    I do love keeping conversations going, lol! I know next year I will be better prepared, now that I know more about what to expect in the games.

    Super big thanks for the coupon! Go TEAM GO.....GO shop that is ;D

  2. Damn you got a lot of stuff done during ravelmpics. I got chunky mitts, chunky cowl, and a hurt wrist done during that time.

    And thanks for sharing those stats. Rav knitters are a definitely a force to be reckoned with.

  3. Oh great and awesome leader of the Colory & Fibery Kind ;) Thank you so much for the team, and it was fun! I'm putting my little bit of yarn spun into a funky vest I'm free forming ;) Didn't get as much done as I'd like, but I wouldn't have spun at ALL if I hadn't had the team! Thank you!

  4. Does that mean if I see something I want in your shop, I can Invoke the Coupon even if I don't know what you mean by "sending" me one? ;)

    Glad to be included in the group of helpful peeps, even though I didn't do much in the Colorbomby way. I just finished carding some purpley to bluey Merino, though, that will probably make a fairly Colorbomby yarn, and there's still that bright blue Texel waiting for me...


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