Friday, March 12, 2010

New Shit in the Shop

I am the worst yarnie in the world when it comes to doing shop updates! Between procrastinating, & having a bajillion other things to talk about, & not wanting to overwhelm you, dear reader, with sales crap, I just don't do it as often as I should. But, I'm doing it today.

Green BOMBits are in the shop! Last minute St. Paddy's Day crafting to do? This is the ticket! Want to spin your OWN art yarn? Don't have the time or inclination to put together the ingredients? Try a BOMBits™ Art Yarn Ingredient Kit - this one has: Cotswold locks plus 3 different coordinating millspun yarns, & an assortment of RIBBONS, FABRICS, SEQUINS, BUTTONS, BEADS, FAUX FLOWERS, FEATHERS, LACE, SPARKLE, VINTAGE TRIM, & OTHER EMBELLISHMENTS. Enough goodies to fill a repurposed & recyclable tennis ball tube!

How about some Loosey Goosey™ loose fibers in 'Salmon Salad'? Loose 100% Coopworth wool from a coated sheep named 'Jacob', who lives on a rescue ranch in Wisconsin. Hand-dyed by me using professional acid dyes in the colorway SALMON SALAD! A mix of pinks & oranges with a bit of green for contrast. Coopworth characteristics are similar to Lincoln, but this is the softest I've run across, & the staple length is giant: 9 inches! Possesses a silky, spiral-type crimp, this wool should be an easy spin for beginners. Would also be great to felt with or use in other crafty projects. Get 'em here.

More LooseyGoosey! 'Billy Connelly', named after the blue comedian who sometimes wears a purple beard, is loose 100% Cotswold wool from a sheep named 'Amelia'. She also lives on a rescue ranch in Wisconsin, I dyed her wool a mix of azure blue & royal purple. If you haven't tried it, Cotswold characteristics are similar to Mohair, a long and lustrous fiber with a long, curly lock. Very strong!

Last of the loose fibers, but certainly not least, is Baby Doll Southdown LooseyGoosey wool, my 'Punch & Judy' colorway, from Trevor, another rescue sheep. Squoooooshy fiber in mostly pinks and oranges, with a bit of purple & lime green thrown in for good measure. Not familiar with the Babydoll breed? It is a fine wool breed & a miniature sheep as well. Characteristics include a springy, undefined short-staple (approx. 1.5-2.5 inches) with lots of crimp. Exceptional for spinning, producing a 'bouncy' yarn. Also excellent to felt with or use in other crafty projects.

Finally, I realized I never blogged about 'Hickory Horned Devils' Pigtails™ - in the shop long enough to sell some, but not all of these delectable braids of Rambouillet-Merino-Targhee blend combed wool top. This is one of THE most soft, squooshy, simply DECADENT fiber blends I've run across! All 3 of the wools that comprise this blend are next-to-skin soft, super-fine & crimpy. Rambouillet adds long-staple characteristics while Targhee provides the 'spring' that makes this fiber perfect for a lofty, airy yarn. A great choice for a thick-and-thin yarn! I dyed it in turquoise, gray, & orange, the colorway was inspired by this caterpillar of the same name:

Happy Shopping!

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