Friday, January 08, 2010

Knitty Prize in My Mailbox

Miss December - 8/365 YIP

Look what the postman brought! My complimentary copy of the 2010 wall calendar, featuring me & my Monkeys! (That sounds weird.) Yep, I'm Miss December, at least my feet are. You may remember from my Sock Summit post that Amy Singer used this image in her presentation there, splattered on the big screen, and she also selected it to appear in this year's calendar. Too bad I didn't get a better picture, but it's raining today and the light (and my photography skills) suck ass. But I'm reveling in my most recent 15 seconds of fame!

While searching high and low this morning for my rental agreement (gotta get my deposit back!), I found this limerick. I wrote it a few years ago for some online contest or other, and I'd forgotten all about it. Made me giggle.

There once was a Velma who knitted,
Some said she was awfully quick-witted.
When her sweater was wrong
She thought hard and thought long,
Then she ripped and she ripped 'til it fitted!

Leaving you to your weekend with that. Enjoy!


  1. Congrats Velma! I'm gettin me a copy just fer MissDecember!

  2. Great Limerick! I was hoping to go to Roc Day (where I assume you are now), but I was felled by a cold. Your luck has been very good of late: first your house, then the Bobby Nom and now the Knitty pic! Good on ya!!!

  3. Michelle(halloweentango)1:57 PM

    I saw that you were selected for the calendar, that is fantastic! You Rock!!!!!!

  4. Ev'rybody's got something to hide, 'cept for you and your MONKEYS :)

    ...and this comment is late-breaking enough to say I'm glad you're all right in Earthquakeville.

  5. Congratulations, that is fabulous! How fun to be a Miss December. I would tell everyone I met. I would also make a t-shirt. And maybe a hat.


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