Saturday, January 23, 2010

First FO of Two Thousand One Oh

Yayzers! Cole's xmassockmas gift is done, albeit a wee bit behind schedule. Doesn't he look all toasty in front of the fire? He's a good, albeit high maintenance, model. ;)

This is my first finished object (FO) of the new year, but the third time I've knit this pattern. I've modified it heavily enough that I think I'll make it one more time, in something other than Noro Kureyon, and write up the pattern. It would be great for using handspun, I believe. It is a quick & easy pattern knit from the top down that makes a wonderful boot sock using worsted weight yarn. My husband loves that he gets a new pair each Christmas!

Like lots of my projects, they are a bit wabi-sabi: this time, my mistake unexpected design element was forgetting to knit heel #2 in K1S1 like I prefer (for durability). Instead, I was distracted by the lovely company I kept while knitting at a lunch date with out of town friends, and I just sailed through using stockinette as called for in the pattern. Oops! But, no harm, no foul.

Knit on #4 needles (I like to use bamboo), I was able to get another pair out of my big bag of Noro scraps, leftovers from years of knitting & donating hats to our local disc golf club for fundraisers. You'd need about 2 skeins of Kureyon to make them. Usually, I can get 'em done start-to-finish in a week (fast for me), but this time I didn't get to work on them as much as I'd planned and they took about a month. They're in my projects on Ravelry HERE if you want more info and a link to the pattern.


  1. I just checked in on you on Twitter and was reading your tweets thinking how did I miss a FO? I had seen the Purl n' Hurl earlier today :) Great socks! Happy Feet for Cole! I have to say that I am happy you are posting more :D

  2. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Great socks!! Looks like a pattern I use, but boy, your yarn makes it look sooo much better.

    Dh is the only one in the family who won't wear socks I knit. Fuss-budget.


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