Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holly Jolly Recap

Xmas in Velma's World is ALWAYS a festive time, and this year was no exception. The penultimate day dawned cold & clear, giving me the perfect opportunity to sport my winter handknits - that's me above in both my Wabi Sabi Sweater & my Xmas Hatmas (Rav links). The hat I knit using a tree hat kit from the inimitable Reenie of Material Whirled - I love the way the tinsel pokes out randomly all over it, & though you can't see it in this pic, there is even a star atop it. My other go-to holiday attire: nekkid Santa earrings! And don't you think my '09 red piggies are serendipitously seasonal?

Had a leisurely start to the big day, complete with stockings (Santa brought me beer!! Does he know the quick way to my heart, or what?). After, around 1:30pm, Mr. Likevelvet took the *other* route to my heart: via the Pork Product Expressway! That is maple bacon sausage, & I'd give my left kidney for more.

Speaking of bacon! This is the concoction that Cole made as our contribution to the 4th Annual Bacon Birthday Beer Bash last weekend at Lush's. He calls 'em Bacon Reacharounds - bacon wrapped Lil' Smokies! They went GREAT with Sierra Nevada's seasonal Celebration Ale that we wait all year to quaff. I might be biased, but I think our dish was the best at the party!

But back to Christmas day. We decided not to get an actual tree this year, so I brought my vintage rhinestone jewelry tree out of the closet & put it out on the mantel. You can't go wrong at the holidays with kitschy red velvet, a gilt frame, and built-in lights!

My grandmother made one of these years ago, but my mom must have gotten rid of it, because there was no sign of it when I went through their stuff in '03. But I found this beauty at a "junque" shop way back in '92 when I lived in Santa Barbara. I think I paid about $50-75 then, but I've seen ones I liked less for sale on eBay & elsewhere for $200-300! It's one of my most prized possessions, & if you know me at all you'll know that's 'cuz it's bright AND tacky! Short of the pitchy, shedding, flammable happiness of a real tree we couldn't ask for more.

So, what did Santa put under that gaudy tree? Goodies galore! We had another modest Christmas this year, but I'm starting to kind of like that. Less is more, right? Lots of handmade plus just enough from the store. My stocking had beer & lots of good candy, including my favorite: maple sugar candy from Vermont!

And this is me modeling my new as-seen-on-TV Snuggie! At first I was kinda skeptical; and I might have looked down my nose a bit, but I take it all back - it is the perfect solution to damp cold around here that seeps into my bones. I can pull the ridiculously long bell sleeves down and voila! No more icy Tweeting fingers! I may look like a giant peppermint lozenge, but I'm warm!

Possibly the best gift I've ever received, though, is this handmade cribbage board that Mr. LV made me out of reclaimed curly redwood. There's a closeup of it here, too. You can't see it, but on the other end there is a wee handcut brass door covering the peg holes, engraved with a special Velma's-eyes-only, lovey-dovey, shmoopie-woopie message. Sigh, I love that man!

What did he get from me? Well, he didn't get his annual Xmas socks, at least not in FO-form. I didn't get around to starting them 'til the 19th, & didn't get very far. (Maybe it was all the beer?) So I just let go of the pressure & guilt & tucked the WIP into his stocking. He didn't care! There's a lesson in there boys and girls. Maybe what our mothers told us is right: it really IS the thought that counts! If you want to chart their progress, you can check them out on their Ravelry page.

Boxing Day (today) brought us a box of handcrafted gift fun from Michelle & Varuna, including crochet beer cozies! As you can see, I wasted no time putting mine to good use. Cole got one too, a green one. And there were rootbeer Smencils (seriously, gourmet-scented pencils! Who knew?); & handmade Fimo pens; & Adventure Goat shwag + a Sasquatch Mummies vs. Mutant Vampire Wenches mini puzzle (my BIL is a genius - his store is here). I'll leave you with this picture of the vintage-feel handmade tree ornaments they sent, & wish you and yours a very

Merry Christmayulestivusolstikwanzukkah!

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  1. I like the other name you called the Snuggie color. PeptoPamPink. Now I MUST have a leopardprint one! THAT would be the ultimate in kitch for me.
    It sounds as if the Velvet Household has it down right. I think there's a lesson for many of us innit. ;) love and joy, love and joy. <3

  2. I love my snuggie! It's the only thing that keeps me warm. And Smencils are extremely popular at the elementary school where I teach. They actually come in about 10 smells and my 1st graders hoard the things. Some days it smells like a weird fruit stand in my room.

  3. Happy happy, Velma! If I buy a Snuggie, my husband will have you to blame.

  4. Oh my. Between that amazing hat, the name "bacon reacharounds" and the Snuggie pic, I think this post successfully completes the Holiday Trifecta of WIN. When the scientists get to the part where they're trying to explain Christmas to the aliens, they should just send this post.

    Merry Christmas/allthe other holidays/Happy New Year!


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