Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Yarn Every Day Challenge - Day Uno!

Check it out: I found Blondechicken's Yarn Everyday Challenge via Ravelry, and decided to get on board. The challenge? Spin something every day for the month of April. I thought I'd take it a step further, & shoot for spinning an entire yarn every day in April! This is my Day 1 yarn.

I used the flowers I felted using the Husqvarna needle-felter I borrowed from Janet in February (remember my post about it?). I used the technique suggested by Jacey in her Sit and Spin! DVD, stringing the 'flowers' on pieces of roving, then spinning the roving directly into my singles. Those flowers aren't going anywhere!

I used the big ol' batt of purple Romney I bought from Janet at the Natural Fiber Festival last fall. Ended up with 100 yards of 6-7WPI Bulky weight yarn that I think I might full a bit to finish. It'll go to my Etsy shop as soon as it's ready!

Wanna see what everyone else is making? Check out the Yarn Every Day Flickr Pool. And don't forget to check back to see what I make tomorrow.


  1. I reallly like the flowers!
    The challenge is great, I admire all those who can keep up with it. Meantime I will still be figuring everthing out...
    And for now (until I have a shop) I will have to process all the yarns I spin myself, so one a day would be a whole lot of knitting, crochet etc.
    Can't wait to see what the next yarn will be like!

  2. I like the new yarn. The one I am spinning now may come to you for plying since you have the magic touch. And it would count for both of us a yarn this month.

  3. How fun! You must have a wheel that is able to handle some cool spinnables! Love the yarn- bet it will sell right away!!

  4. Gorgeous as always :) What's the name of this one?


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