Wednesday, February 04, 2009

'Nicked Shaving' is Scrappy Goodness!

It's Wednesday, boys and girls, so let's see what's on my bobbin! Mmmm, scrappy goodness, that's what. I've been working (slowly, been feeling very lazy ass for awhile) on a (S)craptastic style yarn - and it's done!

"What the hell is a (S)craptastic yarn, Velma?" Glad you asked, reader! (S)craptastic yarns are one of my Greenish products, made of 100% repurposed and reclaimed materials. In this case, it is naturally-colored gray Shetland wool that I bartered for (go, green!), filled with loads of yarn scraps all in RED in honor of the Valentine's crafting season. When I plied it, I threw in tons of beehives, coils, and stacks for added visual & tactile stimulation. Here's the pertinent details:

46yds./42m., .4.7oz./139g., 3-5WPI - Super-bulky weight

Available on Etsy!

Wanna see how it's made? Guess what? You CAN! I made 2 more spinning videos for YouTube consumption, one showing the spinning process, the other how I plied it. They're both pretty crappy vids, but you can at least get an idea. Sorry that the 2nd video is cut off; my battery crapped out before I finished!

EDIT: I'm having trouble getting the videos to upload. You'll just have to come back for them. :( Sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. Aww it is pretty. I like it is really appealing to my eye.

  2. Love it! That's one amazing yarn!

  3. Oh, girl! I want that yarn! It is just totally wonderful! Love the name, too: Nicked Shaving! LOL

  4. cool name! re the cold here, nah i'm not jealous of mexico, bea is happy with fish in the warm but i still think they will nibble your toes given half the chance...

  5. it came out great - love the red & khaki together

  6. Your yarn names have been making me laugh lately. This is classic!


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