Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ack! Can't. Keep. Up. !

Seriously, I've been spinning yarn like a mofo, Twittering like mad, knitting a weensy bit, reading, taking pics... But blogging has been taking a back seat. Again. So much to do, so little time. What-EVAH. I do what I can. Like take time to enjoy the rainbows. This one was over our house yesterday afternoon; Cole captured the Kodak moment his own self.

Like I said, I got my spinning mojo back! And I owe it all (well, some) of it to Jacey/Insubordiknit and her 'Sit and Spin!' DVD!! And since it's W.O.M.B. Wednesday (What's on my Bobbin Wednesday), check out 'Purple Nurple', fresh off the bobbin today! I tried out Jacey's clever method of spinning supercoils right into a singles, and it so totally worked. You can see one of 'em in the 3rd photo in the mosaic above. This yarn is some Über-bulky shit - 1 or 2 WPI, it's as big around as my fingers! What all's in there, well, let's see... Sequins. Easter 'grass'. Lots of yarn scraps. Mohair locks. Wensleydale roving. Corriedale clouds. TONS o' sparkle, in 3 different colors/textures. Cocoons. The aforementioned supercoils. A little lace. Some mesh. Everything but the kitchen sink!

Oh, hey spinners: help a girl out - go to cosymakes' blog and answer her spinner's survey, and get a chance to win some free fiber!

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