Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Book on Deck

I completely forgot to blog about the new book I started! I'm not going to say much about it other than that it is quite long (624 pages) and I'm quite enjoying it! Here are the pertinents:

title: World Light
author: Halldór Kiljan Laxness
details: fiction, written in 1969 19371, set in author's native Iceland
started: Jan. 22 (I'm on page 140)

1 Oops; first published in '37, first English translation in '69 - my bad.


  1. you are a ninja reader, i wish i had your concentration!

  2. Anonymous2:30 AM

    That looks interesting :) Looking forward to reading your thoughts about the book. Am on Jane Eyre at the moment and I'm hooked!


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