Friday, December 12, 2008

This Girl is Biz-AY!

Started out the day with some marketing research for my artyarn biz. I've purchased a few tips 'n hints-style guides from other Etsy sellers this week, and set about learning a bit from them today. Although I bought 2, only one was worth recommending: can't say enough good things about Norm, aka The Crafty Coach, and his Prosper on Etsy Guide. His shop is HERE, and his blog HERE - get on over there and check 'em out, they're both chock-block with useful tidbits for the entrepreneurial crafter. The guide, only 9 smacks (that's the same as ONE sixer of decent beer, my friends), has already helped me: I'm utilizing the tags fields better now. Oh, yeah - and he's a really nice guy, too!

Speaking of Etsy, my day was Etsy-full. Caught up on feedback; tried out the new 'Kiss and Make Up' feature for a listing I received neutral feedback on; weighed in on the Fiber Friday thread in the Forums; listed 'Autumn Leaves', a new Singleton™ style COLORBOMB art yarn (you're lookin' at it there, in the photo to your right). There are more pics here and here, and the listing is here, if you're in a shopping mood. It is 101 yards of wool/mohair goodness, plenty to make a last-minute xmas gift for someone.

Spent some time on Ravelry today, too. Added a new yarn to my stash, a COLORBOMB yarn I just can't part with: 'Irradiated Spiders', which is an Enwraptured™ style yarn, wrapped in over 1400 yards of thread around merino-x wool. It is tactile-y delicious! I think it will look fab paired with 'Chocolat Vert', the Bobblesque™ yarn I made earlier this year in similar colors. More pics on Flickr.

In other, non-yarn news, I joined Twitter this week, and I am thoroughly enjoying the world of micro-blogging. Any Velma's World readers on Twitter? Lemme know so I can follow you. I'm velmalikevelvet there, too.

That's all for today. Gonna work on some holiday gift knitting tonight.


  1. I would love to follow you on twitter but I am on Plurk...

    And I will have to be sure and check out the new yarn store in Arcata!

  2. thanks figaro!

    just to clarify: Hands on CRAFT isn't a yarn store per se; it is a crafting co-operative that will be selling yarn, fiber, crafting ingredients, spinning wheels, etc. as soon as i know more, i'll blog about it (not sure if she is keeping regular hours yet).


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