Friday, December 26, 2008

It's Friday, Must Be Time for a Freaky Fun Fact!

And, as you can see, a Foto! Yep, that be me, circa 1973. Dig my pants. Fashion-plate of Seattle, that was me. NOT!

As for the fun-fact, here it is: I spent virtually every weekend from the time I was, oh, about fetal 'til maybe sophomore year in high school (when the folks finally figured out that the brats needed something fun to keep them from running away from home) traipsing around the country (plus the occasional foray to Mexico) to attend model airplane races.

Dad was an aeronautical engineer at Boeing by day and when he came home he wanted nothing more than to head to our garage and design & build model airplanes. Rumor has it, my first word was airplane, although it was rendered "eh-pane! eh-pane!" every time flew overhead. Precious.

After Dad designed 'em, and built 'em, he and Mom decorated 'em and then raced them 'til they crashed. (One of our few shared moments as children for my sister and I was rooting for mid-air collisions - very exciting, except when the plane piloted by Dad was involved; that meant no trip to Stuckey's on the way home.)

Anyway, this was my only foray into modeling, thankfully. Let's just say I'm not a natural and leave it at that. If I'd only known then to stick my chin out!

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  1. Anonymous10:24 AM

    how cute is that

    I think I owned those same pants


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